Hello, Liza

I picked up Minecraft last December with a couple friends, and since then I’ve progressed steadily from basic player to server admin to Bukkit user. Now, after seeing the infamous FernFerret write a couple plugins, I’ve decided it would be a fun project to write a unit-testing framework for server-side Minecraft plugins under Bukkit.

Enter Liza.

Liza is meant to give Bukkit/CraftBukkit plugin developers a basic platform on which to more thoroughly test their plugins before release. It aims to mock Minecraft players, handle I/O testing, load and unload plugins, and a host of other features that Bukkit developers use.

At present, it’s incredibly rough, but some basic functionality is implemented, including the ability to create a player on a local (JUnit-driven) test server:


As it evolves, we’ll probably start by testing the LightLevel plugin, then moving on to some more advanced open-source works.